These are the most effective watch faces for the Apple Watch Collection 7

Source: Aryan Suren

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch Apple has ever shipped. While its upgrades might not be as significant as those of its predecessors, the larger screen and other quality of life improvements are pretty good throughout the user experience. With its starting price of $399 – the same as previous offerings – the wearable offers plenty of value, especially if you’re already part of the Apple ecosystem.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wanting to learn a little more about what your Apple Watch is capable of, and its watch faces are a big part of that experience. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, here are some of the best options to consider running on your smartwatch.

Note: Before delving further into this article, complications are elements on a watch face that retrieve information from an application. Be sure to remember this term.

Apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 features a refreshed design with slimmer bezels, new fast charging functionality and additional dust protection with a new IP6X rating on top of its WR50 water resistance.

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Source: Aryan Suren

The Infograph Watch Face is intended for users who want quick access to core applications and useful information visible at a glance to avoid opening an application on their phone.

You can have a total of eight complications with this face, one in each corner of the screen and four in the center. Before you get confused, the element that displays the date is not customizable.

On my watch, the top left corner shows the remaining charge; top right shows temperature; The bottom left gives me access to the exercise app, while the bottom right shows my activity stats.

In the middle I have quick access to Maps, Mindfulness (Apple’s application that helps you relax with breathing exercises) and Bucharest time (to track when my boss wakes up!). The fourth complication is plugged into the time wheel and reads “No Events Today”; This changes to reflect my calendar entries for the day.

Infograph Modular

Source: Aryan Suren

The Infograph Modular is the option to consider if you prefer a more digital watch experience. It has a total of six complications, four serve as shortcuts, one in the middle provides more data and is most convenient to use for calendar or weather (as in the picture). And a fixed date complication that can be disabled but not replaced (shown above).

The Modular Watch Face served as the inspiration for Infograph Modular and is a less information-rich version of the Watch Face.

Setting up the My Infograph module provides quick access to a 15 minute timer, workouts, activities and an additional time zone. The medium complication is used to get more information about the local weather.

Modular duo

Source: Aryan Suren

Next on this list is an Apple Watch Series 7 watch face exclusive, the Modular Duo, which offers access to two large complications and a smaller unit for quick access and easy information.

There’s also the Contour Watch Face, which displays the time with a focus on the hour that has just passed.

In the image above, my configuration shows calendar events and reminders. Tapping either will open their respective apps, showing you more data than is relevant to the day. There is also a quick access button for activities.

number duo

Source: Aryan Suren

The Numerals Duo is a simple watch face that’s perfect if you like to keep track of the time and like to see big digits on the screen. You can’t add complications to this watch face, but there are customizable styles for it, allowing you to change the symbols and whether the digits displayed are filled with color or remain as outlines.


Source: Aryan Suren

Introduced with WatchOS 6, the Meridian is the watch face to apply if you enjoy using an analog watch but still want access to more features. It features four complications in the middle, and you can customize each one.

The dial can be two-tone, black or white, while its elements can take on a variety of colors. The watch face in the picture uses the Multicolor option.


Source: Aryan Suren

The Siri watch face for Apple Watch is one of the great ones if someone has been using their iPhone for a while and has given Siri access to their calendar and any application that requests it. It picks up on your usage habits and provides information curated by the time of day.

Interacting with it gives you access to three sections: All-Day Notifications, Up Next, and Tomorrow.


Source: Aryan Suren

Portraits is a face available for any Apple Watch model that supports WatchOS 8. But the Series 7 arguably makes the best use of it due to the larger screen size. You can select up to 24 portrait images, and a new one will appear each time you lift your wrist. Images are cropped to focus and showcase the person (or pet).

You can set two complications and display the time in three different styles.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has several other interesting watch faces, but these are some of the best and should help you understand what to expect from your smartwatch.

If you already own an Apple Watch, what has your experience been like so far? And which face do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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