These are the brand new emojis that include Unicode 14.0

Good news for those who enjoy using emojis. The Unicode Consortium has completed Unicode 14.0 and added 37 new emojis to the already large list, bringing the total number of emojis to 838. The new emojis contain several hand gestures and additions such as “melting face”, “biting lip”, “troll”, “beans”, “pour liquid”, “pregnant man” and “pregnant person”.

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Unicode 14.0 also brings support for the handshake emoji with different skin tone combinations, which is currently only available in the same colors. The new standard will also fix the cross-platform display problem maps like the face with the hand over the mouth.

The finished list is the same as the final draft that was released some time ago. The last draft for Unicode 14 removed a whole series of emojis, “vulture”, “crow”, “raised little finger”, “saucepan”, “chainsaw” and “submarine”.

After the Unicode consortium approves Emoji 14.0, tech companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung can start rolling these onto their operating systems. It could be a few months before we see these emojis in the wild, but they could arrive with future updates to iOS 15, Android 12, and One UI 4.

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Image Via: Emojipedia

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