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The Rode Wi-fi PRO will step up any filmmaker’s sound recreation

Whether you’re vlogging for social media or shooting something destined to appear on streaming TV services, there’ll be no excuse for muffled or clipped audio with the Rode Wireless PRO in your camera bag. The Aussie microphone specialist’s most powerful wireless mic ever promises universal compatibility, epic wireless range, and all the accessories needed to get up and running right in the box.

The Wireless Pro builds on the Wireless ME and Wireless GO II, cramming more features into each compact transmitter. The dual-channel system incudes two, plus a receiver; each has integrated clips and a ‘broadcast-quality’ omnidirectional mic built-in, so you can wear them for no-fuss recording, while the bundled clip-in lavalier mics offer a more subtle setup. Locking 3.5mm TRS connectors mean you can’t accidentally yank out the cable mid-take, and there’s on-board headphone monitoring for level control.

Each transmitter is good for up to 260m of wireless range using Rode’s bespoke encrypted 2.4GHz tech. The receiver can act as a narrator mic using a lavalier or headset, too.

GainAssist also controls levels on the fly for a balanced recording, while 32-bit float recording all but guarantees no clipping – but just in case, a second safety channel saves a 10dB lower recording, in case your camera input can’t handle it. Rode says it’ll work with any laptop, camera or smartphone, with advanced timecoding to make for easy audio syncing in the editing suite.

Each transmitter has 32GB of built-in storage, which should be enough to store 40 hours of backup recordings, and the battery can last for 7 hours of recording. Auto power on/off should mean they don’t drain when you’re not shooting, too.

Don’t worry if you do get caught short while shooting on location, though: the Wireless PRO includes a smart charging kit, which has its own built-in battery that can top up the transmitters twice each before you’ll need to track down a plug socket.

It’s the highlight of an extensive accessory pack, which also includes all the cables you need to get up and running, whether you’re an iOS or Android user, two Lavalier II mics, magnetic mounting cables and an accessory case to keep it all in.

The Rode Wireless PRO should be going on sale later this month. It’ll set filmmakers back $399 in the US (around £320), which is a chunk of change more than the $150 Wireless ME.

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