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The right way to watch The Coronation in Extremely HD 4K HDR

The Coronation of The King and The Queen Consort this weekend is set to be a huge event and to mark the momentous occasion it will surely be available in wonderful Ultra HD, won’t it?

Well, it will, but you’ll need to stream it unless you have Sky Glass or Sky Q. (Of course, you’ll need a 4K TV to watch it in any case.)

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that Sky News will stream the whole thing on its YouTube channel in 4K Ultra HD so wherever you are in the world you can see it here:

The Coronation will also be available in 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range (HDR) on BBC iPlayer in the UK. The BBC has form for rolling out 4K streams for big events such as Wimbledon and Glastonbury even if it doesn’t usually offer live streams in such high quality. Eurovision will also be shown in Ultra HD next week on iPlayer, too.

The Sky News Ultra HD coverage be available on Sky News channel 501 on Sky Glass and Sky Q and on Sky Showcase channel 106 (7am-3pm) – just press the red button to access – there’s more info here on watching in Ultra HD on Sky .

The BBC said in a statement: “In line with the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which saw millions tune in to television for the first time, the BBC will be at the forefront of technology with proceedings on iPlayer streaming live from multiple locations in Ultra High Definition and HDR.”

BBC iPlayer is a wonderfully robust thing, but some delays with 4K streams have niggled in the relatively recent past, particularly during football tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup where stream demand is high – delays were up to 90 seconds to a couple of minutes. However, it’s unlikely your enjoyment/endurance of The Coronation will be sullied by some random from down the street shouting spoilers.

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