Scooters And One Wheels

The police seize a jack and retrieve the stolen scooter

Talaiya police grabbed a jack and recovered a stolen scooter during vehicle inspection on Sunday evening. The vehicle jack was aimed at vehicles without a registration number.

According to the police, following a lead, a youth was caught who was on a scooter without a registration number and tried to escape, but was caught.

During the initial investigation, when asked about the details of the vehicle, he did not reveal any details and confessed that the two-wheeler had been stolen from Retghat. The defendant caught was identified as Parvez Khan, 43.

During the investigation, it was found that the defendant tried to sell the vehicle, but before he could sell the vehicle, he was caught by police.

Victim Firoz Khan filed a complaint about a stolen scooter on August 14 last year. The recovered scooter belongs to Firoz and was revealed in the details of the scooter.

The police checked the details of the scooter and used the engine and chassis number, which stated that the owner of the scooter was Firoz. One case was registered with the Talaiya Police Department in August last year.

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