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The Mercedes Imaginative and prescient EQXX is a wide ranging electrical car with a variety unmatched wherever on the earth

Although Mercedes is primarily seen as a showcase for new TV technology, Mercedes caused a stir at CES this year with the unveiling of a stunning new EV concept with the world’s best reach.

The Mercedes Vision EQXX is technically a sedan EV, but as you can see from its super-slim body, it is more of a mixture of sedan and something sporty – if ‘Bond car’ were a real vehicle class, then it would be.

Its headline spec, unveiled at CES 2022, is that it offers over 1,000 km (or 620 miles) range on a single charge, which Mercedes calls “real-world range,” roughly equivalent to a road trip from London to Zurich.

According to the German car giant, the increased range is made possible by improvements in the vehicle’s battery technology, which promises excellent energy efficiency of less than 10 kWh per 100 km.

Mercedes also says the car’s distinctive new design is “aerodynamically optimized” to take it a bit further, while allowing it to be charged on the go thanks to the 117 solar cells mounted on the roof.

There’s a huge 47.5-inch 8K display in the front and center of the electric vehicle’s interior, powered by the company’s MBUX software, which offers a range of features designed to help drivers further maximize their mileage .

At this point, it should of course be mentioned that the Vision EQXX itself should not go into production in 2022 or in the future.

Rather, as a concept, it is meant to demonstrate the advances Mercedes has made with its EV technology, with the automaker saying a vehicle with similar technological capabilities as the EQXX could hit the road in 2024 or 2025.

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