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The Leica M11-P will assist you spot faux pictures

Now that it’s easy to find pictures online of the Pope in a puffer jacket or Banjo the Belfast riot elephant, it’s hard to tell what’s real these days – but the Leica M11-P is here to help fight the battle against the fakes.

The 60MP full-frame rangefinder, which comes with a Summicron-M 28 f/2 ASPH lens, includes a chip that stamps the images it takes with the photographer’s name and camera details, so if you run it through the Content Credentials website or Leica’s FOTOs app you can easily verify that it’s kosher and not just some virtual vandal mucking about with AI.

There’s nothing to stop people tinkering with images after they’ve been taken, but those edits will be added to the photo’s permanent record, so you’ll always be able to see the original and what’s been tweaked or added afterwards.

Ironically, Leica’s trademark red dot is missing from the M11-P, but if you need some reassurance that the camera’s legit, the logo is inscribed on the top plate. The 2.95in touchscreen on the back is protected by tough sapphire glass and covers 100% of the sRGB colour space, so you know you can trust what that’s showing you, too.

With 256GB of onboard storage there’s plenty to fill with your bonafide snaps, but it also has a UHS-II SD card slot if you need more. Wherever you choose to save them, that encrypted authentication will certainly come in handy if you’re ever passing The Vatican and the Pope does pop out in some natty new threads.

Available now in either matte black or silver, the Leica M11-P will set you back a hefty £8000.

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