The leak within the Samsung Galaxy S21 retail field confirms the dearth of a charger

A lot of marketing material for the Samsung Galaxy S21 has been leaked online at the last minute. While some of the promotional content highlights the camera capabilities and other features, one that caught our attention shows the Galaxy S21’s retail package. Or to put it correctly, a rather lean retail package. And that means only one thing – No charging adapter in the box.

Samsung is following in Apple’s footsteps

If you’ve seen the sleeker iPhone 12 series retail package or Xiaomi’s Mi 11 flagship, the leaked images of the Galaxy S21 retail box will give you a clear idea. We’ve heard rumors that Samsung removed the charger from the Galaxy S21’s box, and the latest images of marketing materials that have surfaced online simply confirm it.

Image: WinFuture

If you don’t have a replacement charger, you’ll need to purchase one separately for your Galaxy S21

Just in case you’re wondering why, smartphone makers argue that bundling a charger with every new smartphone simply adds to e-waste, as most people usually have a charger at home. However, that logic fails for people who don’t have one, and thus being forced to pay more for a charger because their thousand dollar flagship doesn’t have one in the retail package. In the case of Xiaomi, the Chinese company allows buyers to choose between Mi 11 packages with or without a charger at no additional cost, which is actually a better implementation of the whole idea.

As for the contents of the box, this is the The Galaxy S21 series phones retail package includes only the phone, some documentation, a USB Type-C cable and the SIM eject tool. Nice barebones package, right? Samsung used to bundle AKG brand headphones with its flagship phones, but that’s no longer the case.

In other news, Samsung released an official teaser video for the Galaxy S21 series highlighting some of its camera features such as: B. improved photography in low light conditions, better zoom output and refined video recording capabilities. Leaked marketing slides also offer an IP68 certified dual zoom lens system and up to 512GB of storage.

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