The Full 2024 Microsoft Tech Certification Coaching Tremendous Bundle


This course will help you understand the various methods available, the scenarios they’re suited for, as well as how to deploy Windows using modern methods. This course will also cover planning and implementing an update strategy for Windows.

During this course, you’ll be introduced to key components of modern management and co-management strategies. You’ll examine what it takes to incorporate Microsoft Intune into your organization and how to use it to manage modern desktops and devices. You’ll also learn about methods for deployment and management of apps and browser-based applications.

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  • Access 64 lectures & 23 hours of content 24/7
  • Develop an operating system deployment & upgrade strategy
  • Understand the different methods of deployment
  • Understand which scenarios on-premise & cloud-based solutions can be used for
  • Deploy & migrate desktops to Windows 10
  • Plan & configure Windows Update policies
  • Understand the benefits & methods of co-management strategies
  • Learn about configuring Intune
  • Enroll devices in Intune & configure device policies
  • Manage user profiles & folder redirection
  • Plan a mobile application management strategy


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