The Full 2023 Tech Certification Coaching Bundle


This Official Mile2® cybersecurity certification training course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner.

Students will learn about computer forensic incidents, the investigation process, disk storage concepts, digital acquisition and analysis, forensic examination protocols, digital evidence protocols, CFI theory, digital evidence presentation, computer forensic laboratory protocols, computer forensic processing, digital forensics reporting, specialized artifact recovery, e-Discovery and ESI, cell phone forensics, USB forensics, incident handling, PDA forensics, and investigating harassment.

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  • Access 20 lectures & 8 hours of content 24/7
  • Cover important topics in digital forensics
  • Learn how to conduct computer forensic investigations of various incidents
  • Develop processes for working with digital evidence
  • Present findings effectively through reports & presentations

Geraldine Winston, Digital Forensics Examiner
“Excellent course. Took me a bit longer because I took notes as the instructor taught. I learned SO MUCH. Makes me more aware of my personal digital footprint and m own security. Very detailed, very thorough. It was long, but long is necessary when the subject is complex.”

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