The Final Boxed Wine Particular 6-Pack


Note: Upon purchase, customers will receive a digital voucher code for The Ultimate Boxed Wine Special 6-Pack. This code MUST be redeemed on Splash Wines website in order for their wine to ship.

6 Different Boxed Wines = 24 Bottles!

Boxed wine is a big trend right now, mostly because it’s gotten so much better than it used to be. Gone are the days when boxed wine was simple wine with no character or soul. Well, improved technology has made boxed wines an excellent option for big parties or just having a glass or two a night without worry of spoilage.

For this special offer, Splash Wines has curated an incredible assortment of boxed wines, including 3 reds, 2 whites, and 1 rose that you get delivered to your door!

What You’ll Get

  1. Nacido y Criado Malbec 2020 3L Box
  2. Mundus White Blend 3L
  3. Imbico Red Blend 2020 3L Box
  4. Botellón – The Gathering Rosé 3L
  5. Botellón – The Gathering White 3L
  6. Botellón – The Gathering Red 3L

This is a digital deal. You will receive a code to redeem on Splash Wines website for your bottles to ship.


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