The FAA needs you! Purposes now accessible to drone check directors

Do you want to make the sky safer? Interested in drone security? Then maybe you have what it takes to become an official FAA UAS test administrator.

The FAA this week announced an open application deadline for the role of test administrators for the federal agency’s UAS Security Test (TRUST).

“The FAA will appoint qualified third parties who will administer the test and make it available to all recreational drone pilots,” the agency said in a press release. “Companies involved with recreational pilots such as educational institutions, manufacturers, and air carriers are encouraged to apply.”

Selection criteria include:

  • “The FAA offers TRUST content to FAA Approved Test Administrators
  • Test administrators offer online tests for leisure flyers
  • Test administrators determine the best platform for packaging, delivering training, and testing content that meets the requirements set out in the operational rules
  • Test administrators must agree to offer the test to recreational pilots free of charge. “

The application deadline is March 31st. The FAA will announce selected test administrators in June 2021, and administrators can begin supervising the test immediately.

The FAA developed TRUST after gathering input from the drone community in response to the requirements of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 that required the development of a test to increase a recreational drone pilot’s understanding of flight safety knowledge and the rules for operating unmanned aircraft to demonstrate.

“Our goal is to recruit test administrators who represent the breadth of the drone industry, including, but not limited to, educational institutions, manufacturers, and drone safety communities. As drones become more popular and accessible, the FAA is committed to ensuring that the public is informed about regulations and how to operate safely in the country’s airspace. “

Drone industry leaders welcomed the news as a positive step forward for the UAS community. “DJI has a long history of supporting drone pilot training and knowledge testing and has implemented a mandatory knowledge quiz in our products since 2017,” said Brendan Schulman, Vice President Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI.

He added:

“We are pleased with the FAA’s approach, which includes our recommendation for free pilot testing as it maximizes compliance, and our recommendation to ensure privacy by using a token-based identification system rather than revealing the test-taker’s personally identifiable information. As the industry leader in the safe and responsible use of drones, we look forward to reviewing the details of this program and continuing to contribute to the FAA’s mission to keep American skies safe in the age of the drones. “

The details

Potential applicants must have a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant learning management system (SCORM 1.2) in place and be able to deploy the product by June 1st.

Key data

  • Application period: February 22nd – March 31st
  • FAA Submission Review: April 1-30
  • Validation and formal onboarding: May 3rd – June 1st
  • Approved Test Administrator: June

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