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The electrical scooter model’s silence opens its flagship retailer within the UK

As city dwellers adapt to the post-COVID world, more and more commuters are foregoing public transport for motorbikes and scooters. In the UK alone, consumers have already bought 9,000 gas-powered or electric scooters in 2021. Barcelona-based electric scooter maker Silence wants to capitalize on this shift by opening the doors to its first UK store.

The British subsidiary of Silence, based in Birmingham, offers the brands S01, S02, S02 LS and S02 LS Long Range. The S02 LS is the brand’s entry point for £ 2,695.00 ($ 3,784) while the flagship S01 scooter retails for £ 4,995 ($ 7,013). The S02 and S02 LS Long Range are mid-range at GBP 4,695 (USD 6,592) and GBP 3,595 (USD 5,047) respectively. The range of Silence is expected to attract a wide range of urban drivers in the UK.

“Whether you are concerned that the low-emission zone fees are putting a strain on your delivery business, want to take a green step in your travel choice, or are just looking for Covid-19 as a good alternative to crowded public transport, electric is the one for you to drive.” said John Edwards, founder of Silence UK.

The UK flagship store, originally planned for January 2021, is set to join Silence’s global network, which includes retail locations in 13 European countries as well as stores in China and South Africa. Along with platforms S01 and S02, the UK site will have the full range of Silence accessories in stock. Sales staff and experts are also available to assist new drivers or upgraded scooters with any questions.

“So far, our customers have told us they love the simplicity, clean comfort and performance of all-electric driving,” added Edwards. “We’re bringing something new and necessary to the market. It’s the right idea at the right time. “

While Silence has missed the UK scooter boom of 2021 so far, they hope to get well again with a diverse range of products and an unmatched customer experience.

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