The Electrical Engineers Energy Techniques Bootcamp Bundle


ETAP is an analytical engineering software that is helpful for an electrical engineer to simulate and analyze the steady state and dynamic power system. It is used by various sectors such as Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Industrial, Transportation, and Low voltage.

The purpose of this course is to learn power system modeling & analysis using ETAP software which will cover a range of ETAP functionalities used to design & solve various power system practical problems.

The course will begin with the software overview, basics of one-line diagram creation, and data entry, and quickly expand the users’ knowledge to include methods to automatically perform multiple ‘what if’ studies using multiple scenarios. Wherever possible, the topics are explained with hand calculations and results are compared with ETAP software to make it easier for the attendees to understand the concepts.

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  • Access 1 lecture & 1 hour of content 24/7
  • Create a new project in ETAP
  • Learn how to design an electrical substation
  • Discover the different analyses using ETAP software
  • Create single line diagram in ETAP with conventional modeling method & auto-build (time-saving)


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