Scooters And One Wheels

The e-scooter firm TIER encourages folks to have a say within the York program

The PEOPLE of York are invited to share their views on the e-scooter program being pursued in the city.

TIER, which runs the e-scooter and e-bike rental program, has launched a public consultation, which is the industry’s first concern, to give residents the chance to have their say.

According to TIER, attendees can use an interactive map to share comments and add pictures of parking, user behavior and driving experience.

The feedback will be shared with the City of York Council to guide future plans for “micromobility” in the city.

The company says it is interested in hearing from both users and non-users of the service.

In addition to providing advice, TIER will also host a face-to-face meeting with Jessica Hall, York City Manager, and the Sight Loss Councils in the New Year.

The session will discuss parking and sidewalk driving incidents to help TIER understand how it can solve all of the problems e-scooters cause for the visually impaired in the community.

Georgia Yexley, TIER City Director for Great Britain and Ireland, said, “After our one year anniversary in York last month, we look forward to hearing the views of drivers and residents alike and using them to enhance our service across the world Region to improve city.

“As the sole operator for York, we want to ensure that we offer a first-class service that not only supports green and accessible travel locally, but also crucially meets the needs of the local community.

“With the test running until at least March 2022, this consultation will help TIER continue to provide a safe, sustainable and inclusive mode of transport as part of the urban mix in York.”

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Assistant Director and Executive Director, Transportation, City of York Council, said, “This is an important opportunity for residents to shape the program and to help make it a better fit for our city, whether they are expect or not to use the service yourself.

“I am pleased that TIER continues to welcome the contribution of all residents.

“This advice will help TIER improve service in York so that even more residents can see this sustainable and convenient mode of transportation as an attractive part of their travel options.”

E-scooters can be rented in York since October 2020 as part of a national trial led by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The scheme was initially supposed to last a year, but was later extended.

In April, e-bikes were also added to the program.

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