Scooters And One Wheels

The Darwin Group is making a foray into the e-scooter and bringing an inexpensive vary to the market. Test worth, capabilities

The Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) has advanced into the battery-powered two-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) sector with the introduction of three new models of electric two-wheelers – Darwin-D-5, D-7 and D-14. These e-scooters have features such as a muscular design, mileage efficiency, keyless entry, regenerative braking, speed control, battery change, large LED display, high-quality suspension, USB charging connection for mobile devices, hazard switches. The price for D5, D7 and D14 is 68,000 73000 and 77,000 or (all from the showroom).

These electric two-wheelers can travel 70-120 km on a single charge.

Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury, CEO of DPGC Group, said: “The global automotive industry is in transition and moving towards electric mobility and in India this transition has started to pick up pace. – Darwin EVAT wants to contribute more to this electric revolution. Our EV segment was born with the idea of ​​”Class Leading Products” which also promotes the Green Revolution – an environmentally friendly initiative.

“With the introduction of three models – D-5, D-7 and D-14 with the“ Make in India ”model for the world – we are embarking on a new journey and DPGC has taken a big step forward towards CO2- Made neutrality and sustainability. We are introducing electric vehicles that meet Japanese standards and have received international quality certification with Quality Austria Central Asia, ”the company said.

“The company and the group would almost invest at first 450 crore in this transformation and pursues a comprehensive approach, which ranges from research and development to the production of environmentally friendly vehicles, which also includes strategic collaborations and partnerships, “added Saurabh Mohan Saxena, Director & Head Automobile Business.

Darwin EV has started to work on the concept of the highest quality vehicles at affordable prices.

The production facility in Delhi-NCR would use environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes. This facility provides an integrated ecosystem for manufacturing and testing, vehicle assembly, and vehicle end-of-line testing (EOL).

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