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Tailwind CSS is a framework that provides a way to style your website right in the HTML itself without having to write external CSS. Let’s face it, CSS is hard to write and maintain, all those class names will leave you confused and styling elements are quite complex with regular CSS. On the other hand, using frameworks like Bootstrap makes your website look like every other website that uses one.

Tailwind provides a perfect solution to both the problems, it provides you with utility classes that provide a more granular level of control over how your website looks so that your website design stands apart from the rest. On the other hand, styling a webpage becomes much easier as you just have to use pre-defined Tailwind utility classes in your HTML and would never have to fiddle with an external CSS file. Once you use Tailwind you will never go back to the older way of just using plain simple CSS.

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  • Access 68 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn a modern way to style websites & never go back to using regular CSS
  • Use Tailwind utility classes to style elements
  • Build full responsive websites using breakpoints
  • Build a real estate website
  • Build interactive dashboards with components like charts
  • Use Tailwind classes to create components

Ashutosh Pawar | Entrepreneur, Python, Java & Android Geek

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Ashutosh Pawar is the director of Optimum Solutions, a software firm based in Pune India which works in providing software solutions to small and medium enterprises across the globe and has catered to over 200+ clients globally. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (Computer Science) Engineering and has over 8+ years of developing scalable software infrastructure across multiple domains which include real estate, medicine & finance. Along with being a businessperson, he always had a passion for teaching and his goal is to pass on his knowledge to his students and empower them to achieve their goals in the IT sector.


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