The brand new Pixel Notepad could possibly be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold

We may be getting closer to Google’s foldable device announcement and the latest rumor suggests we got the name all wrong as the new Google Pixel Fold may be known as the Pixel Notepad. The best part is that this new foldable device might also come at an attractive price.

We keep getting more exciting information about Google’s upcoming foldable device. The latest information comes from the guys at 9to5Google, where they got the news that the new device might be announced as the Google Pixel Notepad. This is the same device dubbed the Pixel Fold and the same device that may continue the design of the OPPO Find N instead of the Galaxy Z Fold.

The publication didn’t reveal who provided the information, but they do mention that this source “has proven knowledgeable about Google’s Pixel plans in the past.” Furthermore, this source claims that “Notepad” is the name of Google’s new foldable device and he also mentioned that “Logbook” was also considered.

Source: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google

The most important part of this rumor comes with a price tag, however, as the 9to5Google source has also hinted that the Google Pixel Notepad will be more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Keep in mind that Samsung’s biggest foldable is 256GB at $1,799 starts. Level model and that the company’s first foldable device arrived with an asking price of $2,000.

Unfortunately, the rumor also claims that this new device will have limited availability, reminding us that we are still hit by chip shortages and other global issues. Still, the Pixel Notepad may arrive in the United States first before expanding to other countries, just like in the case of the Google Pixel 4a, which took about a month to become available internationally.

9to5Google reached out to Google regarding this information, but the company just said, “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.” Unfortunately, there’s no indication of when this new device will launch, so take this information with some salt, as things can change and the Pixel Notepad could disappear under future rumours.

Anyway, the new foldable device is expected to have a Google Tensor processor under the hood, but its camera won’t be as exciting as the ones we’ve got in the latest Pixel 6 series.

Source: 9to5Google

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