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The BMW iVision Dee appears to the near-future with shade change tech and full-width head-up show

At last year’s CES, BMW revealed the iX Flow, a concept vehicle with eInk, meaning it could completely change color from black to white. This year at CES 2023, the auto maker is taking things a step further with a concept called iVision Dee (it means Digital Emotional Experience before you ask). the idea? To offer far deeper personalisation, something BMW CEO Oliver Zipse called “the perfect digital car of the future” during his CES keynote.

Tech-wise, there’s a lot of tastiness on offer with a head-up display that goes across the whole windscreen, something that BMW says will come to production models from 2025 part of the self-styled ‘neue Klasse’ of cars which is essentially the next-gen of BMW models.

The eInk tech has been refined and you’re now able to decorate and re-decorate the exterior of the vehicle in 32 colours. The body is divided into 240 segments each of which can be controlled individually should you wish. Could this be the key automotive customization of the future?

The iVision Dee has what BMW calls a ‘mixed-reality slider’ which is the main control of the vehicle’s infotainment. The idea is you can select as much virtual content as you want, ranging through five different modes ranging from analogue with driving-related information through to communications and finally through to full-on augmented reality.

The vehicle is also designed to have personalized welcome lights and even sound and BMW says this could even be extended so the car’s front (around the grille) could convey particular ‘moods’ to communicate with you and even project something onto the driver’s side window though it’s unclear what exactly the benefit of this would be.

Certainly though, the iVision Dee points the way towards a more customizable version of future vehicles and BMW says there is more to come during 2023 as part of the preview of the upcoming ‘neue klasse’ of cars, which Zipse says should “embrace the future while looking to the past”.

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