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The 29 finest Amazon Echo ideas, tips, and secret options

16) Let them learn your language

Are you missing too many of your voice commands and queries? She may have trouble understanding your particular accent or dialect, but there is something you can do about it: Take a voice training session on the smartphone app.

It’s under Settings and each language training session gives you a series of 25 commands to read aloud. You’ll ask her to read certain Wikipedia topics, play different songs, add reminders, and a lot more, but instead of actually pulling them through, all she’ll learn is how to say different words and phrases. All of this is saved for later, and each set gives you new lines to read.

17) Confirm or decline

It’s a seemingly small thing, but if Alexa doesn’t go along with your requests and the language training doesn’t help, you can confirm or decline their answers via the smartphone app.

Every time you address Alexa with your voice, be it to play a song or to order an item from Amazon, the request you heard and the subsequent action by Alexa are displayed in the Alexa Companion App. You can click “Yes” or “No” when the app asks if Alexa did what you wanted, and every little bit will hopefully help Amazon fine-tune the AI

18) Ask about new skills

Alexa is constantly learning new things and has access to thousands of different skills – but you may not know about the latest and greatest if you don’t ask her.

Every now and then, ask, “Alexa, what new features do you have?” She will briefly describe the latest addition to her repertoire, which may point out some helpful new features or amusing variety to enhance your experience. You can also find new skills in the Alexa app under “Things to try out”.

19) Stop repeating yourself

Giving multiple commands to your Echo in a row can quickly become a chore, but if you turn on follow-up mode, Alexa will listen for a while after each completion, so you can ask her to do multiple things without that Having to repeat activation word all the time.

Go to the All Devices menu in the Alexa app, select the device you want to turn it on for, and just select Follow Mode from the list of options. That said, you can turn it on for the most frequently used Echo devices and leave it off for the rest.

20) Whisper it

The best thing about Alexa is that she’s always there to help you – even at 4 a.m. when you’re lying awake trying to find out how old Garth Crooks is. The only problem is that their normal volume is often loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.

There is a simple solution to this. In the Alexa Voice Responses section of the Account Settings menu, turn on Whisper mode or ask Alexa to do it for you. Whenever you whisper a question or request to one of your echoes, Alexa whispers the answer to you. The only catch is that the sound it makes to indicate it’s listening is still just as loud.

21) Keep it short

No, nothing to do with Alexa’s pants, you filthy devil, the letter mode reduces the amount of backchat you get from your Echo devices. Rather than responding to each of your requests, some will only quietly emit a notification tone to signal that they have been carried out – such as when you ask them to turn on a lamp. Much better than when Alexa reacts to every little thing like a kind of submissive lap dog with “OK”.

You can find the short mode in the Alexa Voice Responses menu, which you can access through Account Settings, or by simply asking one of your Echo devices to turn it on.

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