The 2023 Tax Preparation & Deduction Tremendous Bundle


6525 Business Expenses Bad Debts12:08

6520 Business Expenses Introduction12:53

6530 Business Expenses Car and Truck Expenses21:05

6532 Business Expenses Car and Truck Expenses Example26:40

6535 Depreciation Office Home, Land, Excepted Property & Basis Adjustment13:18

6550 MACRS Depreciation – Which Convention Applies12:23

6552 MACRS Depreciation – How is the Depreciation Deduction Figured Part128:41

6570 Business Expenses Employees’ Pay19:48

6590 Business Expenses Rent Expense11:49

6600 Business Expenses Tax17:03

6602 Business Expenses Tax Example15:37

6610 Business Expenses Travel and Meals11:27


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