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The 19-year-old medical pupil dies in Bengaluru after a truck hits the scooter

The 19-year-old medical student dies in Bengaluru after a truck hits the scooter. | Photo credit: PTI

Bengaluru: An MBBS student died on the spot after a fast moving truck rammed into her scooter from behind at 11:45 a.m. yesterday on Hennur Main Road near Lingarajapuram Bridge.

The primary investigation found that Tasdik Bushra, 19, a local resident and sophomore at the city’s medical college, was trying to avoid a pothole when the accident occurred. As she approached St. Charles High School on the way, she came across a pothole stretch.

In recent months, people have protested the poor condition of the streets not only in the central business district but also in the outer zones where streets have been dug for the relocation of facilities. Bushra would not have died if the citizen had kept the road in good condition and that motorists didn’t have to dodge to the very end to avoid potholes or poor roads, a resident of the Times of India told the Times of India.

The driver of the truck, Palani, was arrested and charged with rash driving and negligence based on a complaint from Bushra’s father, Syed Mushtak Ahmed. He made no claim about the pothole.

The police said, “But we have found a pothole near the site and a probe will reveal the exact cause of the accident. If the pothole turns out to be the main reason, we will book the affected BBMP officials. “

Residents said the accident was due to the pothole and the poor condition of the road. Bushra died from the pothole and civil service officials are responsible.

Another resident said, “Many people die and are injured from potholes caused by civil negligence. We appeal to the BBMP and cops to act. “

Manjunatha Prasad, BBMP commissioner, said: “We were informed that the accident was caused by a pothole and officials inspected the site. The probe will reveal the cause. “

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