TENS EMS Muscle Stimulator for Ache Aid Remedy


This multifunctional TENS massager offers 36 preprogrammed massage modes for targeted pain and muscle relief. With an auto-off timer, rechargeable battery, and battery-operated design, this device provides convenience and flexibility. Adjust the intensity with 20 levels to suit your preference and needs. Plus, the free dust-proof drawstring storage bag keeps your device safe and easily portable. Say goodbye to pain and discover the power of pain management with the TENS EMS Muscle Stimulator.

  • Auto off feature. Automatically shuts off after 60 minutes
  • Pocket-sized. Carry it with you wherever you go
  • Rechargeable. It can be connected to wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge
  • Long battery life. Up to 20 hours of continuous use
  • Safe & non-invasive pain relief. Non-medicinal choice at home for pain management
  • Wide application. A powerful tool to relieve pain in any area of your body
    – back, knee, shoulder, ankles & elbow
  • Dust-proof drawstring storage bag. For a hassle-free storage system for the tens massager, pads, cables & wires

NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients, and not safe for people with pacemakers.


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