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Join the millions who have embraced the simplicity, elegance, and power of this intuitive app.

TeeVee is not just another movie and TV show tracking app. It’s your personalized guide to the vast world of cinema and television, serving up what you love while introducing you to fresh content tailored to your taste. TeeVee is here to make your entertainment journey easier, more enjoyable, and beautifully organized.

4.8/5 rating on Apple App Store:
★ ★ ★ ★


  • TV show tracking

    • Stay ahead of the curve with alerts for upcoming episodes & seasons
    • Never miss out on what’s next with our tracking of unviewed episodes
  • Movie management

    • Cultivate your to-watch list & ensure you never forget a must-see movie again
  • Organize with ease

    • From favorites to those you’ve already watched, your content is sorted,
      prioritized, & easily accessible
  • Discover more

    • Find hot, trending shows & movies handpicked for you

Why TeeVee Stands Out

  • Design-centric approach: We believe in aesthetics, making sure TeeVee isn’t just functional, but also a visual treat
  • Unparalleled interface: Based on overwhelming user feedback, we pride ourselves on a design that isn’t just good-looking, but also intuitive
  • Simplicity at its best: We’ve stripped away the fluff, ensuring every action in the app is clear-cut and straightforward
  • All-encompassing entertainment: While others might focus on either TV shows or movies, we ensure fans of both aren’t left wanting


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