Tactical Tethered Drone: Elistair Releases ORION 2.2 TE

Elistair Launches ORION 2.2 TE – Tactical Tethered Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Walker Robinson

Elistair has announced the launch of its new UAS product line, the ORION 2.2 TE, Tactical Tethered Drone, which possesses enhanced flight capabilities, additional tactical applications, and increased payload capacity and delivery range.

Elistair is a drone designer and manufacturer with offices in France and the United States that specializes in tethered UAVs. Founded in 2014, Their products are designed for both domestic and international tactical applications, and have been utilized by the US Army, UK Ministry of Defense, and others for persistent security operations over the last decade. Their products are currently being used in 70 countries for public safety, defense and private security.  Tethered drones offer an alternative to battery-powered flight, providing the ability to fly stationary overwatch missions for hours or days.

Tactical Tethered Drone: New Capabilities, Flexibility

The Orion 2.2 Tactical Tethered Drone has improved on the previous generation in aerial imagery capabilities, onboard software, payload capacity, and deployment flexibility.

Now integrated with Nextvision Raptor, XQT AI, and XQT LRF it can provide continuous imagery to the operator. The Orion 2.2 TE also comes equipped with a 3-kilometer laser rangefinder option.

The UAV also has advanced surveillance capabilities enabled by Elistairs’ T-Planner V1.2 software. It is capable of automated target tracking, object categorization, and scanning routines.

Orion 2.2 TE can remain in the air for fifty continuous hours and is now capable of carrying payload up to 5kG (11lb) due to its 2-in-1 design. The operator can modify the rotor configuration between ‘standard’ to ‘heavy lift’ in the field based on operational goals. The operator can integrate third-party payloads using the payload development kit which also provides continuous power and a secured Ethernet connection port for the transfer of data.

These new technical capabilities are coupled with an improved contain design for easier mobility and deployment in the field. The entire system can be easily implemented and utilized by a single operator.

Elistair specializes in tactical application of tethered UAVs for law enforcement and defense operations: but the hardware and software being developed is exemplary of the continuous advancement in tethered UAV capabilities. First deliveries of the Orion 2.2 TE will be later this month.

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