Steambox® – The Self-Heating Lunchbox


Full control of what you eat, when you eat and where you eat. That’s what we call Freedom of Food.

Our self-heating lunchbox is designed in The Netherlands and made for food lovers all across the globe.

Heat up food in minutes through our autonomous steaming technology.

Use the Steambox® App to unlock its full potential. Steambox is CE and UL certified.

Steam food in minutes
Steaming is a fast and healthy way to reheat food. Use our autonomous steaming technology to reheat up to 3 meals on a single charge.

Take charge of the day
Steambox is the perfect companion for being on the go. Its portable and leak-proof design will boost your flexibility. No more boring or unhealthy diets.

No more dependencies
Enjoy the freedom of eating what, where and whenever you want to. Download the Steambox® app for maximum control. Receive live information, alerts and access to recipes.

How to Use

1. Water
Remove the food container and pour 35ml (1,2oz) of water onto the heating element using the provided water container.

2. Steam
Insert the food container back into Steambox without the silicone seal and close it with the bamboo lid. Use the app or touch controls to start steaming.

3. Eat
After steaming, switch off Steambox through the switch on the back. It’s now time to eat, bon appétit!



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