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Spigen’s AirTags case, listed on-line, suggests an upcoming debut of Apple’s object tracker

The saga of Apple’s new object tracker – the AirTags – was interesting and also full of delays. According to several reliable sources, Apple accessories could finally hit the market this year. However, before its official debut, several Amazon listings for a Spigen leather bag went online under the sub-brand Cyrill. The product pictures also show the Apple item tracker which has a silver finish and the Apple branding in the center. No wonder, because leaks have already shown us a similar disk-like profile of the AirTags.

The Amazon list of Spigen (and Cyrill) leather bags for AirTags has so far been discovered in the US, the Netherlands and Italy. Interesting. is announcing a delivery date for the first week of February for its accessory, which comes in two color options – black and silver – both made from vegan leather. Earlier this week, pictures of more of Nomad’s AirTags accessories were posted online.

Image: Amazon

Additionally, users have discovered a new hidden Items tab in the Find My Companion app for managing AirTags from an iPhone or iPad. If rumors are to be believed that the leak arena is going around, the AirTags could be available in two sizes. According to reports, Apple will equip them with the in-house U1 chip and they will likely rely on UltraWideband (UWB) technology for precise location tracking, compared to what Bluetooth-based object trackers can achieve. Unfortunately we don’t have a preliminary start date yet.

How the AirTags work can be accessed through the Find My lost item tracking app and is shown in the map view along with an address indicating your current location. If you lose an item with an AirTag, you will be notified on your phone. Users can then choose to have the AirTags chime so that they can be found. The iOS code also suggests that Apple build some AR functionality into the Find My app to make AirTags recognition easier.

Image: Amazon

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