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Sony’s recycled LinkBuds S do their bit for the planet

We can do all our bit to help the environment, whether it’s remembering to reuse plastic bags, leaving the car at home more often, or sacrificing yourself to a hungry polar bear – but buying the new Earth Blue version of Sony’s LinkBuds S will also get you a snazzy new pair of earphones as a bonus.

Made from recycled bottles taken from office water coolers they have a neat tie-dye style look, but inside they’re the same as the standard 5-star LinkBuds S that we were so complimentary of when we reviewed them back in the summer.

That means you get the same comfortable fit, noise-cancelling that automatically adjusts to your surroundings, support for hi-res audio thanks to Sony’s LDAC codec, and the nifty Speak-to-Chat mode that automatically pauses your music when you start talking to somebody. Best of all, they’ll also allow you to explain to your work colleagues where the water cooler went.

While the LinkBuds S were £179 when we tested them before, the Earth Blue ones are available to pre-order now for just £119. bargain.

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