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So you have simply gotten AirPods Professional: the primary issues to do along with your Apple wi-fi earbuds

5) Equip your AirPods

Buying an accessory for an accessory may seem like the road to endless purchases, but upgrading the MagSafe charging case on your AirPods Pro can greatly improve your listening experience.

Your charging case carries your AirPods Pro with flying colors, but what protects the case itself? From silicone cases to leather cases, the best AirPods Pro cases provide extra protection and enhance the look of your AirPods packaging. We picked a handful of our favorites below.

Nomad modern leather bag

Looking for Premium AirPods Protection? Skins are no smoother than this Horween shell from Nomad. Made of vegetable-tanned leather, the case takes on a unique patina with use. There’s also a handy light pipe so you can still see the LED display. Buy here

Incase AirPods Pro case with Woolenex

You could knit an AirPods Pro case yourself. Or stow your charging case in this sleek Woolenex number for protection that uses less of your precious yarn. The light and figure-hugging outer layer made of fabric is weatherproof and protects against abrasion. Buy here

Elago AW3 AirPods Pro case

Nothing says Apple fanatics like an AirPods Pro case styled like a miniature Macintosh. Unlike Apple’s retro computer, the case supports wireless charging. It also offers drop protection and comes with a free dose of nostalgia. Buy here

Spigen sturdy armor

A carabiner clip is the universal symbol of sturdiness, so it’s no surprise that this sturdy clam from Spigen comes with one. Dress up your AirPods Pro charging case with the chunky rubberized cover, clip it to your backpack or belt loop, and it should be protected from bumps and scratches. Buy here

Native Union AirPods hat

Inspired by the socks that once wrapped every iPod, Native Union’s knitted sleeves are designed to keep your AirPods Pro case snuggly and secure. Choose from four pastel shades made from recycled yarn and protect your pods in retro style. Buy here

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Apple’s capsule can add around 20 hours of extra time to your AirPods Pro – but only if you keep the case fully charged yourself. Fortunately, all you have to do is place the booster on a Qi-compatible pad and it will refuel without a cable.

Aboriginal Union Drop

Place your AirPods Pro case on this little disc for easy 5W charging. The weighty aluminum base with textured weave holds things firmly in place while foreign object detection prevents short circuits. Buy here

Belkin Boost Charge Pro

This three-way charger can charge a trio of Apple devices. Magnetically attach your iPhone 12 or 13 to the larger disc, drape your watch over the dinker, and place your AirPods case on the base for a fully charged ensemble. Buy here

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