Snore Circle Good Digital Muscle Stimulator Professional


Snore Circle is designed to relieve snoring, nasal congestion, and other sleep disorders. This smart device helps you fall asleep faster, making your day easier and more enjoyable. With its 30 intensity levels, this device provides you with the right kind of stimulation needed for you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The device features EMA-TENS technology, which automatically compensates for air humidity during sessions to make sure your session is safe and effective. Its easy-to-use interface makes sure that you can use the device comfortably even if your eyes are closed! The Snore Circle’s offline/online recognition mode lets users track their daily sleep periods with just a few taps on their mobile devices as well as allows them to record their sleeping patterns on demand.

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  • Easy to use. Just place the conductive strip under the chin when sleeping
  • EMA-TENS technology. Automatically releases micro impulse intervention to normalize breathing patterns
  • Offline/online recognition mode. Accurately monitors your breathing to detect snoring & sleep apnea
  • 30 intensity levels. Adjusts automatically for different levels of snoring without disturbing your sleep
  • Intuitive app tracking. Helps you better understand your condition & track improvements over time
  • Ultra-lightweight. Put it inside your bag, pouch, or pocket & take it with you wherever you go!
  • Safe & disposable. Uses a medical-grade conductive strip that is made of flexible, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic cloth that won’t irritate the skin
  • Convenient magnetic charging. Just place the device on the magnetic charging base after sleep & it will charge automatically

How It Works

  1. Align the groove of the gel patch with your throat, & apply with both hands under the chin. (Make sure the strip is fully attached to the skin.)
  2. Turn on the product & connect it to the conductive strip.
  3. Connect to the APP via Bluetooth synchronize data, & view the sleep quality analysis report the very next day.


  • Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase
  • Before wearing the device, please shave any stubble on the chin and the throat to ensure that the treatment area is clean and dry


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