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Eau de Industrie from MSCHF

Get a smell of hard work…literally with MSCHF’s Smells Like Fabuloso Perfume. Following the success of WD-40 cologne, Smells Like Fabuloso takes inspiration from the beloved household cleaner, infusing it into a captivating lavender fragrance. Encased in a chic purple bottle adorned with a vibrant yellow cap, the homage is complete with a box featuring cleaning gloves on the front. It’s not your typical run-of-the-mill perfume – Smells Like Fabuloso is bold, unconventional, and guaranteed to turn heads. If you want to give a gift that will make a statement, this fragrance is just what you might need.

  • Lavender-infused elegance. Offers a soothing scent of lavender, cleverly crafted from the iconic multi-purpose cleaner
  • Eye-catching packaging. Housed in a stunning purple bottle with a vibrant yellow cap for a chic look
  • Cleaning-Inspired Charm. Comes packaged in a box adorned with a pair of cleaning gloves – a playful nod to its household staple inspiration
  • Uniquely MSCHF. MSCHF once again pushes the boundaries of creativity with this bold & unconventional fragrance experience
  • Perfect gift. Makes for a memorable and unique gift that combines the essence of cleanliness with the allure of a captivating fragrance


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