SmartAI S7 Max 2-in-1 Lidar Navigation Robotic Vacuum


S7 MAX uses SmartAI Navi 3.0, a lidar-based navigation, to create an accurate interactive map at the floor level of your home. Then you’re prepped for a fully customizable cleaning, even in the dark. Your S7 MAX plans out efficient cleaning paths for fewer repeated passes or missed spots. Powerful Suction and Low Noise Levels: With 3 levels of suction power (Quiet, Standard, Powerful) at up to 3200Pa, S7 MAX cleans micro-sized particles of dust and debris deeply embedded in floor crevices and carpets. Your robot goes beyond a light touch-up—this is a deep-down clean.

  • 2-in-1 sweeping & mopping. Automatically switches to mopping mode when a water tank is installed
  • High-precision smart sensors. Can be effective in anti-collision, anti-fall & has a full perception of the environment
  • Constantly upgrading OTA. Make the robot vacuum cleaner understand your needs more
  • Automatic recharge & resume. Automatically returns to the charging station to power up to 80% & automatically resumes cleaning
  • Smart home integration. Use your voice for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa
  • Multi-floor mapping. Creates & stores multiple maps


  • Customers must be 18 years old+ to purchase
  • Only support 2.4GHz WiFi with App connection
  • Please DO NOT use mopping function on the carpet. If you need to vacuum the carpet, remove the mop holder
  • Keep robot vacuum away from wet areas, such as kitchen or bathroom
  • Good for low-pile carpets that are less than 0.6″ thick; long-pile carpets DO NOT work


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