SkySafe Testing at Atlantic Metropolis Airport FAA UAS Detection

Chosen for FAA’s UAS Detection Program, SkySafe Elevates Drone Mitigation to New Heights in Critical Infrastructure Protection

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

California-based Skysafe, focused on airspace management and drone forensics, recently announced that it was selected for the FAA’s UAS Detection and Mitigation Testing and Evaluation Program as UAVs further integrate into the national airspace. The program is designed to identify programs capable of detecting and mitigating potential UAV threats near airports and other critical infrastructure.

Skysafe’s program uses a combination of sensors and cloud-based intelligence to identify, track, and mitigate unfriendly drones and operators in real time. Skysafe touts its forensic capabilities, allowing for analysis and reporting of historical flight data when necessary. The technology is also integrated with the upcoming Remote ID standard. Founded in 2015, Skysafe’s solution already has an extensive history of successful operations defending prisons, campuses, and other sensitive installations worldwide, giving them “elder statesman” status in the fast-growing counter-UAV space. This selection by regulators highlights the effectiveness of their system and the growing demand for effective drone mitigation solutions as regulatory structures adapt to the growing presence of UAVs within national airspaces.

“We are honored to have been chosen by the FAA for this crucial program that aims to ensure the safety and security of our skies–especially the protection of our airports,” said Grant Jordan, CEO of SkySafe. “As the drone industry continues to expand, so does the need for robust technologies that can identify and address potential threats to public safety. SkySafe is committed to collaborating closely with the FAA to deliver effective solutions that provide awareness of unauthorized drones and the risks they pose.”

Skysafe’s system is currently undergoing testing at the Atlantic City International Airport. More information on Skysafe and its products is available here.

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