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Understated elegance at its best. Get swooned by these two-toned charming shimmering shawls.

Bring lavish elegance to your wardrobe with a touch of shimmer. Only fit for the queen, you will love to drape each of these elegant shawls over your shoulders! They come in many royal and romantic shades, from reds and purples to neutrals like blues and nudes, and they are made available just for you! Their two-toned hues look stunning, and the smooth edges lend them a charm, making them a perfect accessory for winter evenings and intimate summer outings.

Timeless and modern, you’ll surely fall in love with these Shimmered Shawls.

  • Soft rayon. Gives off lustrous gold or silver shimmer
  • Stunning & luxurious. Smooth edges & two-toned shimmery hues add to its richness
  • Two-sided. Fringes show the color; one side shows solid color while other side is shiny
  • Perfect size. Measures 70 inches long & 27 inches wide and weighs 260g
  • Must-have accessory. Perfect for winter evenings & intimate summer outings


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