Sensible Twin Plug Outlet with Alexa & Google Residence Functionality



The Smart Dual Plug Outlet with two sockets features a space-saving design for users. One wall outlet can be plugged with 4 devices for more efficient use. With Alexa Echo & Google Home compatibility, these smart outlets let you connect your lamp, fan, coffee maker, humidifier, and other appliances you have at home for automation and voice control. The WiFi plug controls devices plugged into the outlets from anywhere, anytime with its companion App. This allows you to cut the power off when away from home, efficiently reducing your power consumption. Customize your schedule for any home appliances with its schedule and timer function.

  • Dual smart plug: Can be plugged with 4 devices for a more efficient use

  • Alexa & Google Home compatibility: Connect all your home appliances to the smart outlet for automation and voice control

  • Gosund App: Control your devices anywhere, anytime

  • Schedule & timer function: Customize your schedule for any home appliances to work automatically

  • Individual/dual control: Control devices separately or together

  • Family share: Share the smart outlet with the whole family

How it Works

  1. Download app on your phone
  2. Plug the dual smart plugs into power
  3. Follow the guide of the app to connect the plug with the app


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