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Upgrade the intelligent cupping treatment device: combine the traditional cupping device with modern technology to eliminate complex vacuum tubes or multiple cups. The perfect combination of dynamic red light heating mode and one-click decompression design can not only effectively help you promote blood circulation and detoxification, but also instantly release the pressure of the cup and eliminate the pain of traditional cupping.

Experience portable and versatile massage with this cupping tool featuring a three-in-one self-service function, catering to on-the-go relaxation. This all-encompassing device offers cupping, quick scraping, and massage treatments, adjustable through 12 levels for personalized comfort. With advanced PI conduction heating and AI safety design, it ensures secure usage by automatically shutting down after 20 minutes. Perfect for people who often stay up late, sit in the office, are tired, and lack exercise.

  • Intelligent cupping treatment device. The perfect combo of dynamic red light heating mode & one-click decompression design
  • 3-in-1 functions. Combines negative pressure cupping, scraping & massage
  • 2 modes. Choose between deep negative pressure mode & soothing breathing mode
  • Adjustable 12-level mode. Customize the experience according to your preferences
  • Intelligent AI safety design. Triggers automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of continuous operation

NOTE: For your safety, please be careful not to use it in the same area for more than 15 minutes. Because everyone has a different constitution, different reactions may occur. For example, blisters occur due to excessive humidity in the body, long-term use, or skin sensitivity; Slight erythema after cupping is a normal physiological reaction and will subside naturally within 3-7 days.


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