Selfie Arms-Free Auto Movement Videographer



Have an ace videographer at your disposal any time you want!

Equipped with a built-in AI technology-based face recognition feature, as well as a 360 motion detector. This 3-in-1 animated videographer stand holds your mobile phone and lets you take videos and pictures totally hands-free. It follows your movements and always keeps you in the frame. You can control it up to 30 feet away via a remote control that can start and stop the action for you at any time.

No app to configure and no batteries to install, it is fully rechargeable. Carry it in your bag with a complete setup to make a video or have a video call meeting with your mobile. The AI-based optical eye keeps track of your movements and follows you while its autofocus technology focuses on your face giving you a crisp picture every time.

  • Smart AI face recognition. Recognizes & tracks your face or body & rotates steadily with your movement

  • 360° motion detector. Detects all the moves & adjusts the videographer to the correct position

  • Portable. Put this inside your bag or pouch & carry this wherever you go

  • Auto-focus technology. Automatically recognizes & focuses on your faces giving you a crisp picture

  • Wide compatibility. Works with all smartphones

  • Remote control. Includes a remote for picture taking, browsing & sound volume control


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