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Yvolution launched the ‘YES Electric Scooter,’ a safe and affordable option for everyone from students to workplace commuters. The YES scooter was designed for city environments, meaning it is not intended to be ridden on dirt roads or other off-road environments. However, this e-scooter has an impressive range and speed for its $599.00 USD price tag.

The YES Electric Scooter boasts a 15.5 mph max speed and a 15.5-mile range per charge, meaning it can ride for approximately one hour at top speed. However, the scooter features three riding modes for uphill riding, flat riding, or fast riding on flat surfaces. In addition to this, the YES Electric Scooter has five LED-lit lighting points, two bag hooks, and a small LED display for accessing important information quickly.

The YES Electric Scooter can be charged to full in just 4.5 hours, and it is foldable and lightweight, meaning it can be carried or ridden manually, if needed. Lastly, for style-savvy riders, this scooter comes in five different colors: black, blue, gray, pink, and green.

Image Credit: Yvolution

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