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Say Click Compact Camera is your ultimate companion on the go. In its compact and lightweight housing, Say Click comes with built-in magnets and flexible mounting points to attach it to any metal surface, making it easy to capture great photos anywhere. With a 24/7 loop write & save feature, Say Click lets you keep all of your photos safe-keeping an unbroken chain of memories from day to day and year to year. And with its app-integrated design, you can use your smartphone to review photos, edit them on the go, or share them with friends and family.

  • Built-in magnets & flexible brackets. Easy to conceal & can be installed in small corners
  • Generous storage capacity. Installable microSD up to 32GB
  • 24/7 loop write. Built w/ a hotspot so you can continue to record even without WiFi
  • Multiple users. Lets you & your family access this device simultaneously
  • App-integrated. Supports multiple iOs & android devices
  • USB charging. Stay connected & never worry about its power life as this device can be charged while recording
  • Motion detector. Automatically detects any moving objects within its range
  • Infrared night vision function. Committed to showing you a clear video even in the dark
  • Push notification. Automatically sends you a notification once a moving object is detected
  • Compact. Place this camera anywhere — your home, office, car, or even in your backpack
  • 150° super wide angle. Gives you a wider and clearer view


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