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Save € 35 on the newest era of the Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Black Friday sales are well underway and there’s a great deal on the current generation Echo. You can currently save £ 35, a 39 percent reduction that brings the price down from £ 89.99 to £ 54.99.

The 4th’s device, like the Echo Dot sibling, has a spherical design, so it’s a bit more subtle than previous generations in terms of looks, especially the ‘Pringle can’ shaped original Echo and Echo Plus. It doesn’t quite offer 360-degree audio though; there is definitely a “front” of the device that houses two tweeters and a woofer behind the fabric-covered exterior. In addition to Wi-Fi, it also supports Bluetooth like other Echo devices.

This generation of Echo surpasses its predecessors when it comes to Alexa smarts, thanks in part to a new neural processor developed by Amazon and MediaTek that allows Alexa to do more on the device itself without relying on its connection to the cloud. It also sounds better than previous versions of this device – and is certainly the best sounding smart speaker under the £ 100 mark – but if sound quality above all is your thing, then you should also consider the Echo Studio.

In our review of the latest Echo, we said, “The fourth generation Echo outperforms its price with ease and ensures Alexa remains our robo-assistant,” and concludes that the 2020 version is “an all-round upgrade that does “The echo sounded smarter than ever”.

Our reviews of the latest Amazon devices

An all-round upgrade that makes the Echo sound smarter than ever


  • Fuller sound
  • Built-in Zigbee hub
  • Alexa reacts faster

A useful but negligible upgrade to the Echo Show


  • The spinning function works well
  • Big display
  • Doubles as a pretty good smart speaker
  • Alexa remains a great voice assistant

Small speaker, big sound, better camera – the show goes on


  • Much improved webcam
  • Big sound for its size
  • Supports a range of third-party apps and services

Simply the best sounding Echo speaker you can buy, and while 3D audio isn’t a revolution, it’s great fun


  • Excellent value for money
  • Works just as well as any Echo in the Smarts department
  • Certain 3D tracks sound amazing
  • Better than 3D quality, Amazon Music HD’s music trumps Apple and Spotify
  • Maybe you don’t need a soundbar

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