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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip Four set for a much bigger cowl show

Samsung’s foldable smartphones seem to be getting more and more popular. We’ve spotted quite a few out in the wild recently, and we don’t expect them to stop. The Z Fold series offers a larger screen to get more done, while the Z Flip series offers a compact form factor for convenience. The Z Flip 3 saw a number of changes, including a bigger cover display. But Samsung doesn’t quite think it’s big enough.

When it comes to screens on your phone, size does matter (at least to Samsung). Thanks to a new report, we can see that Samsung is planning on making the cover display bigger again on the upcoming Z Flip 4.

How big will the Z Flip 4’s cover display be?

According to display analyst Ross Young, Samsung will pack a cover display larger than 2-inches into the Z Flip 4. The analyst is a trusted source, and actually CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. Young has achieved a 92.9% accuracy rating on AppleTrack for his reports, and has similar success with Android leaks.

Z Flip 4 will have a larger cover display than the z Flip 3. Begins with a 2 rather than 1.9″…

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) May 2, 2022

Young didn’t specify exactly how large the new device’s cover display would be, only that it’s within the 2.0-2.9-inch range. Motorola’s Razr 5G boasts a 2.7-inch cover display. It’s likely Samsung will try to match if not get close to this measurement.

The current Z Flip 3’s cover display sits at 1.9-inches, which as an increase from the older generations’ measly 1.1-inches. Just for clarification purposes, these are diagonal measurements.

While the larger screen has proven popular with Z Flip 3 users, increasing the size of the display will only make it more useful. Currently, you can only use the cover display for pre-determined widgets, such as a clock, music control, and notifications. With a larger size on the Z Flip 4, Samsung has room to widen what the cover display can do, perhaps even opening a smaller app view.

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