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Samsung’s 2024 TV line-up arrives with higher AI processing, glare-free tech, and brighter screens

Alongside more flashy products like a speaker disguised as an art piece, Samsung has shown off its line-up of top TVs for 2024 at CES. There are upgrades across the entire range, including the Neo QLEDs, Micro LED, and OLED screens. AI is heading to all the new models (because of course it is) for better image processing. But we’re also seeing more specific upgrades with glare-free tech on the OLEDs, and brighter screens on the Micro LEDs.

At the front of Samsung’s 2024 telly line-up, are the Neo QLED screens, with the QN900D model leading the pack. These TVs come equipped with the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, which boasts neural processing that’s twice as fast as its predecessor. With this, upscaling gets a big upgrade, sharpening lower resolution content to display it in ultra-high resolution. It can turn your average 4K content into 8K glory, and even HD and SD content gets a facelift to 4K.

Motion Enhancer Pro detects the sport type and applies deep learning to enhance motion tracking. You won’t miss a goal, try, or home run again. Plus, Real Depth Enhancer Pro controls mini LEDs to create more lifelike, three-dimensional images. The idea is to bring out the contrast in fast-paced content, making car chases and action scenes pop off the screen.

The design is equally impressive, with the Infinity Air Design offering a depth of just 12.9mm, allowing for an immersive experience that emphasizes high-resolution and sound quality. For audio, Q-Symphony and Active Voice Amplifier Pro enhance the audio experience significantly. And if you’ve gone for a larger screen (such as the 98-inch model), Supersize Picture Enhancer uses AI to reduce visible noise on each pixel, so your picture quality is as crisp as a bag of Walkers.

In the OLED segment, Samsung’s new S90D and S95D models are available from 55 to 77 inches. The S95D is a standout with its Glare Free technology. There’s an extra coating on the screen to ensure you get clear viewing in both bright and dark rooms. The S95D is brighter than a sunny day in Spain, with Pantone Validated colours for a true-to-life picture quality. And for the gamers, a refresh rate up to 144Hz on these screens is like nirvana.

Perhaps more exciting, Samsung’s new Micro LED screens are like something out of a sci-fi movie. These screens are designed with an extremely small Micro LEDs. The result? They’re transparent, modular, and apparently as seamless as my excuses for skipping the gym. But don’t get too excited just yet – they’re not quite ready for you to buy.

Samsung’s lifestyle lineup gets an upgrade too, including The Frame, The Premiere 8K Projector, and The Freestyle 2nd Gen. With the frame, you now get over 2,500 artworks and a new art streaming feature. The Premiere 8K Projector is the world’s first wireless projector, featuring ultra-short throw, premium home audio, and cloud gaming capabilities. And the 2nd-gen Freestyle offers Smart Edge Blending for larger, seamless projections and supports up to a 160-inch screen size.

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