Samsung may additionally introduce its personal cell phone quickly

After foldable devices, the smartphone industry seems to be slowly moving towards foldable panels. TCL got the ball rolling last year with its rollable tablet hybrid (although it never got into the hands of consumers) and unveiled another concept at CES 2021. LG has also promised to launch its own Project Explorer device. and Oppo has also presented its own version. It looks like Samsung is next in line, as a Samsung Display executive has confirmed that the South Korean electronics giant is working on sliding and rollable panels.

We will promote our market expansion for foldable displays. In the meantime, we will also strengthen our presence in the display market through innovative form factors such as rollable and sliding displays, ” Samsung Display senior VP KwonYoung Choi said during the company’s latest earnings call. “The company will further consolidate its leadership position in the OLED market and diversify applications for note PCs, tablets and automobiles,” wrote the company in its earnings announcement for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Now it should be noted that the Samsung executive didn’t mention whether these rollable and sliding display panels are used for smartphones or a large screen product like TVs. Given that rollable phones from various brands are already in the making and the vision as a mass market device is quite feasible, Samsung definitely doesn’t want to be left behind.

Also, televisions with rollable displays are much less attractive to the mass market and at an outrageous price tag. Let’s just take the example of LG’s roll-up TV, which costs around $ 60,000. Samsung is already the market leader in foldable phones, and right now, rollable and sliding phones seem like the perfect opportunity for Samsung to unleash its hardware innovation and take the lead early in an emerging segment.

Source Android Authority

Nadeem Sarwar

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