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Samsung improves noise cancellation on the Galaxy Buds Professional with a brand new replace

Samsung unveiled its true Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds along with the Galaxy S21 series at the Galaxy UnPacked last month. The new device comes with a fresh design. It offers features like active noise cancellation, connection to multiple devices, a 360-degree audio mode, and much more. The company updated its earbuds with a hearing aid trick and a few other improvements shortly after it launched. Now a new update for Galaxy Buds Pro is being introduced that improves noise cancellation and switching speed.

The latest development comes directly from Samsung. The new Galaxy Buds Pro update brings the software version R190XXU0AUA5. It also brings improvements to the three main functions of the headphones. Active noise cancellation, ambient noise and the switching mode for the speech recognition mode are improved. Below is the entire changelog:

• Improved active noise cancellation function.
• Improved switching speed of the speech recognition mode.
• Improved ambient sound function.

Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds Pro can reduce ambient noise by up to 99 percent. The Galaxy Buds Pro also supports an ambient mode that can amplify ambient noise by up to 20 decibels for better perception. However, users can control the level of environmental awareness they prefer. Also, these earbuds can detect when users are speaking to automatically adjust the sound settings. When ANC is turned on and you speak something, the noise cancellation will automatically turn off, the music will pause, and ambient mode will turn on so you can have a conversation.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also has 360-degree audio that offers a realistic music experience. It’s like Spatial Audio, which can be found in Apple’s listings. These earbuds are also IPX7 certified to keep you safe from sweat during your workouts. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Buds Pro can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. If the ANC is switched on, however, they should take up to 5 hours.

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