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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + with UWB know-how presents pre-orders

According to the listing, the The Galaxy SmartTag + is priced at $ 39.99. Shipping begins April 12th. Color options on the table are black and oatmeal. By comparison, the Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth-only standard sets you back $ 29.99, while a pack of two in the US costs $ 49.99.

Speaking of the main difference between the two that Galaxy SmartTag + uses UWB technology, which also brings some AR features to the table. “With the built-in camera, your immediate surroundings are shown on the screen of your phone. The AR technology superimposes precise navigation data over UWB on this image so that you can more easily navigate to your misplaced object, ”the listing says.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + should offer up to 5 months, after which the battery must be replaced. It comes with an IP53 certified build and has a physical button that can be customized to perform a variety of tasks, from ringing an alarm to locating a missing item, to turning devices like AC power and TVs on and off pass. However, One major downside is that it only works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, not other brands of phones.

The standard Samsung Galaxy SmartTag without UWB

The first time you pair with your phone, the Galaxy SmartTag + will appear in the SmartThings app. You then need to run the SmartThings Find app to find the tracker. When the two devices are nearby, the BLE-controlled search mode is automatically activated. A green ring will appear on the screen indicating how strong the signal is in a particular direction and which will eventually help you find the tracker and the object is also attached.

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