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Samsung Galaxy Buds Professional Evaluate: Greatest Earbuds? (Video)

Anton D. Nagy contributed to this Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review.

With the release of the Galaxy S21 range, Samsung also introduced an update to its truly wireless earbuds. Despite numerous options in the product line – from long battery life to simple sound to interesting bean designs – Samsung decided to put all of this together to create a version of a pro earphone. I’ve already done a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review on my channel, but weeks later I have a few extra thoughts about these tiny earbuds.

Let me get this out of the way right now: while I’ll say this isn’t absolutely the best I’ve ever used, the Galaxy Buds Pro has become my daily go-to for truly wireless earbuds. So let’s talk about it. This is Pocketnow and this is our Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro test video

Small and yet powerful

Pro’s terminology might lead you to believe that Samsung’s track record of making small earbuds is shifting. Instead, Samsung manages to make earbuds that are basically the same size as the previous Galaxy Buds Live, to the point that style shells for the Live actually fit onto the Buds Pro case.

The total area of ​​the Galaxy Buds Pro is pleasantly small, so that a package is created that can easily be thrown into any pocket or pocket. A few Smarts are still installed in the housing, whereby the USB-C connection enables conventional charging in addition to the wireless charging functions. It’s nice to be able to plug the Buds Pro case into a wireless charger while using the phone that was sitting on before. I hardly think about how much battery the Live Case has as it is constantly being refilled. While it may not have the longevity of the Galaxy Buds +, the give and take means that despite that sacrifice, I’ll get the better sound in the Pro.

The word pro

Obviously, the actual shape of the Galaxy Buds Pro differs from that of the Galaxy Beans. Taking the first step towards the word “Pro”, Samsung is returning to an in-ear driver that seals the ears better. isolated clay. The result is inevitably better bass response, for a little more bump than before. That’s not to say that Samsung has completely strayed from the lessons learned with Buds Live – the Buds Pro still has a small vent that only a little air can filter through so you don’t have a complete and potentially awkward seal. This is something that actually extends the earbuds’ ambient noise feature, which we will get into later.

The Buds Pro has touch-sensitive areas on both earbuds that can be customized in the app, but basically just offer the typical tap and hold controls. With a single, double, and triple tap on either earbud, you can control the playlist while pressing and holding either earbud to control volume, activate voice support or change sound modes. Each earbud can be used individually, which for me is the common scenario where I have an earbud until the battery runs out and then turn up to keep the background music or podcasts going. If you want to activate pairing mode to connect the Buds Pro to a new device, both earbuds must be turned on and pressed until the mode is activated.

Samsung Sound, now Pro

Obviously, the tone and sound mode quality may be different from what other people found on my JV review. Since then, the Buds Pro has provided a great listening experience suitable for multiple genres of audio content. Finding the right earbud for a comfortable but sturdy seal is the first step to a good sound experience, and I found the tips already installed to be okay. The music I listen to in general came through very pleasantly, from hip hop tunes to Poppy R&B to electronic songs by Daft Punk (shouting to them, end of an era). While I’ve said there’ll be better bass this time around, I also admit that I’m a bit of a bass player especially for my hip-hop songs. So it’s good that there are equalizer settings in the Samsung app – Bass Boost was an obvious choice.

However, for another layer of immersion over the raw sound profile, you get the active noise cancellation. That’s part of the joy of the Buds Pro as the typical construction finally meets the characteristics of the previous versions and puts them all together. Noise cancellation only works when both buds are in place. At this point you can choose two levels: high and low. The high setting seems to emphasize the bass response even more. So if you turn this setting on with Bass Boost, you’re definitely going to run into a bump.

Overall, I’m very happy with the sound of the Galaxy Buds Pro, but I have to reiterate the point I made in my first review: These aren’t the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever used – this award goes to the Sennheiser Momentum 2. They aren’t the best noise canceling earphones I’ve ever used either – that distinction still applies to the Sony WF1000Xm3. But as I said at the beginning of the video, the Galaxy Buds Pro has become my daily chores – and it comes down to how convenient they are for my personal benefit.

Talk to me

Everything has to do with the last sound mode – ambient sound. The mode in which the microphones are used to inject the sounds of the outside world. It’s there so that you can comfortably get in touch with the outside world even with both buds – a feature Samsung has advanced in detection, where the buds can automatically lower the volume and maximize the ambience when sensors and microphones say that You are trying to talk to someone. It’s sensitive enough that the one phrase of “Sorry repeat that” can trigger it.

And while it’s a good mode, especially if you’re only jamming with both buds, you can forget to sing along to your music. It’s only really useful for casual moments like a family member trying to get your attention. I still prefer to be as environmentally conscious as possible. When I am on the way.

Talking to people in the meat room is one thing, but of course you can use these earbuds and their microphone arrays for both voice and video calls. Here is your test of the microphone quality in the Pro Video mode of the Galaxy S21, where the earbuds can be used as Bluetooth audio input.

My use case

This brings me to my use case. If all you want is to have some literal background tunes while you’re walking around and getting things done, you can do what I do and have one of the buds at half volume with ambient sound at max.Let’s call this the multitasking scenario that I’m in Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, news or YouTube videos without distracting my attention from the actual task at hand. I can continue to enjoy this content even when walking around a grocery store without blocking out speaking scenarios with workers or cashiers. And when I need even more open listening, a quick tap to pause the medium is fine as I can comfortably interact with the maximum ambient noise mode in just one ear.

This is how I use the Galaxy Buds Pro more than half the time. The fact that the sound is very enjoyable, the active noise cancellation is blocking the world properly, and the ambient noise mode can help me maintain awareness makes these earbuds one of the most satisfying and versatile pairs I have ever used.

Semi-Pro fit?

It’s not all high marks, however, as Samsung’s attempt to incorporate multiple features into a Pro model takes the Galaxy Buds Pro’s regression into a tiny regression in the Fit department. Don’t get me wrong, I love that this is the more typical earbud design because it means the low-end response is better – but it’s almost like Samsung prioritizes size over design cues, that might help keep the buds in the ear.

The Galaxy Buds Live with all of its quirks fits my ears really well, while the Galaxy Buds + wing tips gave them a little more security. I appreciate that the overall footprint of these earbuds is so small, but without those little extras, for me, longer wearing times ultimately means that a bit of sweat in or out can make them slip. It can get a bit annoying and given the huge differences in ear size and anatomy among people, your mileage will obviously vary.

The ghost of Samsung

You may have noticed that in this video I was using the Galaxy Buds Pro with a phone that was not made by Samsung. The Buds Pro, like most Samsung accessories, can be used with any Android device as long as you install the companion app. This means that not only a front-end app, but also some back-end services are installed. While all of these things are unique to every Samsung smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is install the additions on your phone to get the most out of these earbuds.

These include toggling sound modes, equalizers, reading out notifications, and using the Find My Earbuds feature that plays tones from each earbud if you forget to put them back in the case. For those of you who want the lowest latency, the Game Mode feature is only available when you pair it with a Samsung phone. That’s what’s so special about high-profile earbuds like these – Samsung optimized them for the best use with a Samsung phone. This makes sense, but must be taken into account.

Daily drivers

On the occasion of our Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review, we would like to take this opportunity to award these earbuds ours Recommended Badge for All-round value real wireless earbuds.

All in all, the Galaxy Buds Pro has so many features in one package that brings together the best bits of Samsung’s previous audio products. While fit may be a point of contention, the practical use cases that each and every skill Buds Pro brings to your ears are what make them so useful.

If anything, the $ 199 price tag sits right in the middle between the cheaper offerings that don’t have as many features and the more expensive competitors that excel in certain departments like noise cancellation and battery life. While every single part is not the best, Samsung has used the sum of those parts to make the term “Pro” comfortable.

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