Samsung 13.3″ Galaxy Book2 Professional Laptop computer | 512GB RAM | 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P


Introducing Galaxy Book2 Pro, the ultimate PC for the modern business professional. This sleek and lightweight laptop is your go-to companion for conquering the business world, boasting an ultra-mighty processor that ensures unparalleled power without compromise. With its AMOLED screen, extended battery life, and upgraded full HD camera offering a 1080p wide-angle view, Galaxy Book2 Pro delivers a visual and functional experience like never before. Stay seamlessly connected with Galaxy connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly sync files, make calls, and send texts directly from your laptop by pairing it with your smartphone. Enjoy peace of mind with enhanced security features, safeguarding your valuable work information. Embrace a new era of productivity – wherever the job takes you, Galaxy Book2 Pro is ready to go the distance.

  • Advanced security system. Keeps your data & other important files safe
  • Quick share. Allows you to directly share files between nearby devices
  • Private share. Lets you set time limits, prevent capturing & revoke access to files at anytime
  • Link to Windows. Unites your apps & other files on your phone to your laptop without missing a beat
  • Powerful CPU performance. Blaze through your day like never before
  • Long-lasting battery. Gives you long hours of power
  • AMOLED screen. Experience jaw-dropping color & incredible detail on a stunning AMOLED screen
  • Model year: 2022


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