Scooters And One Wheels

Ryan Publish’s mom, who died in an accident in Norris, buys drinks from Beatrice Scooter to boost consciousness of organ donation within the Nebraska Information

The customers of Scooter’s Coffee in Beatrice on Friday morning started their day with a friendly surprise.

Monica Brich, Beatrice Daily Sun.

Monica Brich Beatrice Daily sun

Scooter’s Coffee customers in Beatrice Friday started their day with a surprise – their drinks were prepaid by a person to highlight a good cause.

Colleen Jordening funded the effort as part of the Live on Nebraskas Count on Kindness event, which highlights those affected by organ donation. Jordening honored her 13-year-old daughter Ryan Post, who died in a car accident near Norris Public Schools in 2017.


Jordening said Ryan was a typical teenager and little sister who enjoyed making TikTok videos, cheerleading, and hanging out with their friends.

“Her sisters loved being with her, so they took her everywhere to be friends with her sister’s friends,” Jordening said. “She was just one of those who was friends with everyone and treated everyone with kindness and made sure they knew she valued her.”

First Ryan Post memorial sign on County Road

Jordening said five of Ryan’s organs saved five lives and eleven tissue donations improved the lives of several others. She said she hosted a similar event with Live On Nebraska and Scooter’s a few years ago and donated $ 100 to help people order.

“I think we were able to buy 22 orders with that,” said Jordening. “So I wanted to do something similar with it again this year. Live On Nebraska gave away $ 50 to people and their kind acts, and then they decided to give me $ 100 to mine. So I raised funds through the Ryan Margaret Foundation, which I started in honor of my daughter. “

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