Ronco Fashionable Massive Capability (15lbs) Rotisserie Countertop Oven


Deliciously roast meats in your own kitchen with Ronco’s Modern Rotisserie Oven. Designed to easily fit in your kitchen, it offers a surprising 15-pound capacity so you can tackle roasting for even your largest parties and gatherings. With Ronco’s classic self-basting design, your meat stays tender and moist as the fat drips away, but the natural juices and flavors are sealed in. Paired with the removable heat reflector, your food is evenly browned and ready for the table.

The countertop rotisserie features 3 cooking functions and an adjustable time setting. The easy-to-read dial shows you exactly how long your meal is set for. And the automatic shut-off prevents overcooking. Ronco’s Modern Rotisserie Oven also includes a multi-purpose basket so you can cook more than just large cuts of meat like turkey, chicken, ham and prime rib. The cooking basket easily holds burgers, sausages, fish, kabobs, veggies and more! This countertop oven is incredibly versatile!

And when you’re done, clean-up is just as easy thanks to the wipe-clean interior and dishwasher-safe drip pan and removable glass door. Once clean secure the door with the silicone tie and store it beneath your cabinets. It’s showtime with Ronco’s Digital Rotisserie Oven!

  • 15lb capacity. Easily fits a whole turkey or 2 whole chickens at once
  • Self-basting rotation. Locks in flavor & seals in natural juices
  • 3 simple settings. Roast, sear & warm food within the countertop oven at an ideal temperature
  • Straightforward dial. Easily adjust the cooking time based on the size of your meal
  • Automatic shut-off & up to 3-hour timer. Never worry about overcooking
  • Multi-purpose basket. Deliciously roast ham, prime rib, fish, hamburgers, vegetables, kabobs & more!
  • Easy to clean. The removable glass door & drip pan are dishwasher safe & the easy-to-clean interior wipes clean with a damp cloth


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