ROLLOVA V2.zero Digital Rolling Tape Measure


The ROLLOVA V2.0 Digital Rolling Tape Measure is an innovative and pocket-friendly tool for accurate measurements. With ultra-steady technology and an offset function, this tape measure can provide precise measurements. It comes with a leather case for easy portability, making it ideal for on-the-go use. The device is compatible with major units of length and features a 1.2″ OLED display for easy readability. It has a measuring range of 10m in metric mode and a standby time of 18,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting use. The ROLLOVA V2.0 Digital Rolling Tape Measure is perfect for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs a reliable tool for measuring quickly and accurately.

  • Ultra-steady technology. Brings you exceptionally accurate result of measurement
  • Leather case. Comes with a durable case to keep the device safe & easy to carry
  • Offset function. Makes it easy to measure even the most difficult corners
  • Wide compatibility. Compatible with major units of Length
  • Pocket-friendly. Fits perfectly in your pocket, pouch, purse & more
  • Accurate measurement. Automatically adds it’s radius or diameter to give you an accurate measurement

NOTE: Standby time may vary, depending on battery brands, humidity, temperature & other environmental factors


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